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This open weave top from TxKnight Creations can be worn alone for an intimate setting, or over a dress or top to add a touch of elegance.

Using an open weave allows the background color of a top or natural skin to come through.

TxKnight Creations - Butterfly
TxKnight Creations - Butterfly

Starts at :

$  55.00 Small (size shown is 
        small approx.  size 0 - 6)           
$  65.00 Large  (approx. size 8 - 12)

Colors add $ 15.00  

Match with the                      and save!

The top shown has four red "dangles" hanging down in the center.  The top does not come with these.  They can be changed to any charm or bead combination you like at a small additional cost.

TxKnight Creations - Butterfly

Click on the "Colors" tab above to see all available colors.  More colors available on a limited basis.

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